Prenatal checkup: 15 weeks

[Backdated post because we have no scanner in the house. 😦 Checkup was done on 28th February.]

Doc gave us the greenlight to travel (woohoo!) but only allows us to do it after I am at least 20 weeks preg. We have since booked the lovely one-bedroom villa at Batam View Beach Resort for 11-13 April as our babymoon. Sweet! πŸ™‚

Pregnancy Weight

My weight measured 73.2kg (I lost another kg somewhere) as compared to my previous checkup‘s 74.3kg. At my very first checkup on 3rd Jan (at 7 weeks pregnant), I had actually been 75.5kg. At the rate this is going, I might just end up being super skinny (in my dreams) after giving birth.

Doc isn’t complaining about it though. After all, I have plenty of stored fats to go around! :mrgreen:

Baby’s Progress

Growing normal, growing fine. EDD has shifted slightly forward to 19 August. If baby would so kindly arrive slightly earlier on 16 August, then he can be Daddy’s birthday present!

Baby’s Gender

Notice I mentioned “he” above? Yup, we’re expecting another boy again!

The moment Doc put the ultrasound doppler to my tummy, this was the image we saw: baby’s legs splayed wide open to proudly display his genitals!

K's genitals!

The two white lines are baby’s legs, and the bird bird is located (obviously) between his legs!

Unlike Joshua who only showed us his penis at 22 weeks – leading to a whole hooha about why we weren’t finding out the gender yet and a whole slew of horrid comments – this baby is much more cooperative.

Doc was super happy at being able to detect the gender almost immediately into the ultrasound session, because she said the whole Saturday morning has been unfruitful when it came to gender detection, even though most of the women were as pregnant, and some even more pregnant, than I am.

Hooray! Now we can recycle all of Joshua’s stuff!!

Baby’s Name

Baby #2 is now known as Keegan. Like, for real.

Kindly drop the silly Transformers-inspired “Allspark”. That moniker was starting to irritate me. πŸ˜†


2 thoughts on “Prenatal checkup: 15 weeks

  1. hey congrats la! you guys must be so happy…

    shell says: Actually we’re a bit confused if we should be happy we got a boy again, or upset that we didn’t get a girl. πŸ˜†

    It must be caused by that old Chinese saying of “δΈ€η”·δΈ€ε₯³ε‡‘ζˆδΈ€δΈͺ’ε₯½’ε­—”. :mrgreen:

  2. Congrats!!

    Actually most docs dont recommend travelling is becoz of the flying, so going to Batam or Bintan, shouldnt be a problem at any time during the pregnancy at all!!

    shell says: Thanks! Actually I know some moms who also fly during early 3rd trimester… But personally I can’t sit still in a plane, so 30 mins ferry sounds way more appealing. πŸ˜†

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