If the last few days have taught me anything, it is that I am quite the drastic failure at juggling short deadlines along with my staple of domestic chores.

And also the fact that Murphy’s Law couldn’t strike at a less opportune time; with our Starhub internet connection slowing down to a snail’s crawl for the past few nights just as Joshua goes to bed and leaves me 100% free.

Nothing was wrong with the modem, nor the router, and no one was intensively uploading or downloading anything. Starhub just decided to suck and kill my already tedious work process.

I could only resign to fate and go to bed early – waking up the next morning to juggle the boy’s 1001 little requests, the neverending mahjong noise from our lovely neighbours, pregnancy-induced hourly toilet visits and my pressing deadline.

I have also learnt that no matter how ergonomic or comfortable my new office chair might be, creaky hips – that are loosening themselves at the joints in preparation of childbirth – should never be made to withstand extended hours of an upright sitting position.

Oh, my aching hips and back!

And words that you have to repeatedly type and look at start not to make sense after a while. To the point that I have to refer to the dictionary to make sure I am not screwing up the spelling somewhere somehow.

I am now totally and utterly chui* from it all. This money… not easy to earn sia. πŸ˜•

I will remember never to take up such jobs again. It’s way too tedious to pick up the broken pieces of shitty information. And the amount they pay doesn’t justify the amount of research, double-checking and frustration I had to endure. 😦

* chui (Hokkien word for “shatter”) – a term currently used to express an extreme level of despair and dismay. (Brought home by Hubs from his office full of weird and infectiously stupid expressions.)


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