Night Owl for the sake of work.

After spending 3 consecutive nights – Friday to Sunday – being wide awake and productively doing work, I am somewhat pissed off to find out that my body clock has swiftly adapted itself to that of a night owl.

Oh well, since there’ll be more work coming in, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be more mentally active at night. I can always use the Batam retreat to sort back my body clock.

But damn! Now my timing’s all screwed up again. I’m feeling sleepy and tired in the day, and my mind is raging at night. Pfffffft.

And if you’re wondering why I can’t work in the day like normal people do, you try having a toddler bug you for little things every 30 minutes or so.

The brain simply cannot focus when someone’s tugging your shirt every little while. And if he’s too quiet and not bugging me, I feel a compelling urge to check on him to make sure he’s not getting into trouble.

So whenever I get somewhere with my work, I get distracted and then pretty much start from scratch because my mushy preggy brains can’t remember where I last stopped.

You know, nowadays I feel as though I’m 60 and senile or something. 😕

Fortunately, all this is just temporary. Or so Hubs keeps reminding me it should be. I just hope my normal brains will be reporting for work somewhere late 2009.


5 thoughts on “Night Owl for the sake of work.

  1. ah…i don’t know where to post my comment on the new header. it’s absolutely beautiful babe!!!! what camera did you use?!?!?! o.O

    shell says: It was taken by my friend and her DSLR. I also want one!!! But dammit, not cheap leh. And damn bulky.

  2. barffie ma? her lens is asspansive wor!

    shell says: Pls hor, Barf will never bother photographing children (unless she need to for work). I think you ask her take gun and “shoot” kids is probably more feasible. 😆

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