Practice makes perfect?

I can’t deny that juggling work, toddler and house chores gets somewhat easier with practice. But it certainly doesn’t get any less tiring over time.

In fact, I think with the compounded lack of rest, my motor is starting to run less and less efficiently. Case in point: my memory is undoubtedly getting worse as the days wear on.

On Sunday, I had made an appointment to meet someone on Tuesday, only to clean forget it until Wednesday. Talk about being senile. 😕

My Wii has been sitting sadly on its own – untouched and obviously unplayed – since I embarked on this month-long assignment. On the bright side, I can easily afford the band kit for Guitar Hero: World Tour with my payment for this job.

Although… I am still neow-ing the (approx) $300 for it. After all, we only have 2 adults here and can’t fully rock out as a “band”.


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