Reminders to self:

4.16am, 22 March 2009

Obviously still up doing work, because I had to fulfill my promise to Joshua and go out with him (and Daddy dearest) as a “family outing” to Orchard. I haven’t gone out with him beyond a 1km radius for weeks.

So that took us about almost 4 hours out of the house. And yes, it also means I have been pretty much confined in this living space for the past few weeks. (So poor thing hor?)

Reminder #1: Specify the preferred route to prevent being swindled.

No thanks to an unscrupulous cab driver who took a very obvious detour route to Wisma when we have the bloody CTE just a turn away. A trip that would usually cost us no more than $10 skyrocketed to $15. Business must be real bad.

Reminder #2: Stock up Redbull from Value$ shop downstairs.

$2 for 3 cans is way cheaper than $1.80 per can from mamak stall. Dammit.

But since my brain doesn’t seem capable of formulating grammatically correct sentences without the sweet adrenaline provided by Redbull, I have no choice but to pay the rather exorbitant amount lor.

And obviously, neither can I stay awake without the energy boost.

Reminder #3: The designer I like is Helmut Lang.

I wish my preggy brains would stop erasing all these bits of hyper-important (bimbo) information. Hubs had to google for list of male designers and read them out to me one by one so I can strike them out. Double dammit.

Reminder #4: Get a haircut before going Batam.

I don’t want to take photos with crazy stupid ugly auntie hair. ‘Nuff said.

Reminder #5: Pick up tickets and whatever other documents.

Otherwise don’t even need to go to Batam liao.

Reminder #6:

Even though I know he wants the 3 of us to be out together, I cannot help it that I’m up to here *points to neck* in work… For the next 2 weeks, I must remember to take a few hours off each weekend to go out and have “family time”.

*sigh* JIAYOU to me! Uncle Henrie please dabao lunch when you come over next week, thanks! (And you can bring J to the playground also.) :mrgreen:


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