My (imaginary) Shower Spa range.

If I had the moolah and the know-how, I would want to start a whole line of shower products:

Lavender – For when you need to relax
This will come in shower gel, bath oil and body lotion form. Because you can never be too relaxed.

Citrus and Mint blend – For when you need to wake up FAST
Includes fantastic nose-tingling scent that is bound to wake all your five senses! Only comes in shower gel because, KNN, need to wake up fast still got time to soak in bathtub or apply lotion meh?!

Sandalwood – For that sense of peace and calmness
Good for pre and post meditation, yoga, and pilates. Comes in shower gel, bath oil and body lotion. Possibly a deodorant also, since you might get smelly during yoga or pilates class. :mrgreen:

Extra moisturising cream – For when the weather elements get harsh
Too much hot sun or drying cold is bad for your skin! Treat your skin to ultra moisturising creamy goodness of this shower cream, and skip the hassle of applying body lotion!

Pretty Sexy – For that special date
Possibly a blend of rose and whatever other bewitching natural scents, so that you can feel 100% feminine and charm that cute guy’s socks off. Might add in some natural aphrodisiacs too. 😆

[insert product range name here]… Turn your bathroom into an instant spa!


Fine. I know if you source various brands of toiletries, you can probably gather a range of similar products. I know I have. But… wouldn’t it be uber cool if you could just rely on ONE brand and know you will have all your needs fulfilled? It takes quite some effort to smell and test shower foams one by one, you know?

I can’t even begin to count the number of times Hubs needs to drag me away from the toiletries section in Mustafa. I somehow get stuck there and refuse to leave without buying yet another body care product. (Probably explains why he doesn’t bring me there nowadays.)

The funny thing is, he came home the other day and told me about the papers advertising some new Ginvera range that has this shower scrub with some anti-perspirant or deodorant effort. (Yah, I am smelly nowadays thanks to preggy hormones.) And he is actually intending to buy it for me as a surprise gift. That is, when he actually finds it in the stores.

If adding one more shower product to my already extensive collection isn’t indulging me, then I don’t know what is. Last reminded, I actually still have a couple bottles of BRAND NEW shower thingies waiting for me to perform opening ceremony.

I think with the amount of pom-pom stuff I have, I can actually open home spa lor. Heng I have no bathtub, otherwise I will have EVEN MORE stuff in the bathroom 😕


4 thoughts on “My (imaginary) Shower Spa range.

  1. Haha! Same as Jessie. Shower foam in all flavours. One shower takes half an hour!

    For us guys : Any shampoo, Any facewash, Dettol Soap. We go in to the toilet for 5 minutes, and we reappear again.

    shell says: Harlow, don’t anyhow assume hor. My shower + wash hair only 15 mins! (Unless I pumice my feet, do body scrub, or other time consuming beauty rituals.)

    And why must you use Dettol soap?! You so filthy meh?!?! 😯

  2. I Totally Agree with everything u want to create EXCEPT SANDALWOOD deodorant. BC really, sandalwood is already so musky, and so deep smelling and to use it as deodorant *potentially after exercise* will heat up the smell and URGH!!! VERY THE NOT NICE LARH!!!

    Product *BISH*fail.

    All others… NICE!

    shell says: Before pushing out to the market, sure do product testing what. Can make sure it’s mild enough that the smell won’t be overpowering after your body temperature go up. :mrgreen:

  3. I stink after workouts! Dettol makes me feel… CLEAN! Especially when small unnoticed cuts come into contact with Dettol. That stinging sensation!

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