MCF Addict!

It’s my rest day again and I’ve completed Mystery Case Files: Return To Ravenhearst in 7 hours, 41 mins and 22 seconds! I tell you, the game is FABULOUS!

Especially since Hubs booted his 15″ MacBook Pro in Windows to let me play it. Larger screen = less squinting while finding objects!

The folks behind the Mystery Case Files series never fail to pique my interest in each sequel, by reinventing the gameplay and creating an interesting storyling.

In their very first game Huntsville, it was a pure Hidden Object Game (H.O.G). Then slowly came varied H.O.G rules, the puzzles and intricate storylines.

And now, it’s become even more interactive as you:

  • explore the entire area with no hints given by the game
  • pick up tools to aid you in breaking windows, digging holes, etc
  • clear H.O.Gs to gain special inventory items – some of which are required in order to proceed with puzzles
  • trek through the various areas to uncover more areas (and the storyline)
  • remember various clues scattered throughout the map in order to solve certain puzzles (ie: numbers to key into a combination lock)
  • solve a myriad of puzzles ranging from simple 30-second ones to mind-boggling 30-minute ones (or you could just click “skip puzzle” if you give up)

I’d say Return to Ravenhearst is THE BEST they’ve made so far! I would play it again and again, except I already know the storyline and puzzles already. I’m just not the repetitive sort of person, I guess.

I’ve already completed all of the MCF games – except Agent X because my mobile phone isn’t compatible – so now I can only cross my fingers and hope the next installment comes soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to entertain myself with other not-so-fabulous H.O.G titles. I’ve also just completed Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends and it was done in record time because the game is too simple and somewhat… boring.

Now I’m halfway into Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets and, despite being better than Murder Among Friends, it still can’t beat Return to Ravenhearst.…


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