Prenatal Checkup: 19 weeks

So my appointment was supposed to be on Saturday, but we had to go today because I woke up at 4.30am crying from painful lower abdominal cramps.

Basically, my ligaments were overstretched – possibly from the overzealous cleaning from yesterday – and I am now advised to wear maternity support belts.

The doc is not all too keen about me still going to Batam, not because it would pose any threat to the baby or my pregnancy, but because she’s taking into consideration the walking around and the “hopping” from jetty onto boat and vice versa. But we’ve already paid for the trip and I’m not gonna cancel it! We’ll just have to make sure I put my feet up often and get enough rest.

Pregnancy Weight

It was 74.2kg, so I did a little happy dance. Then Hubs insisted I take my shoes off, and then I was only 73.6kg. I had no idea my shoes weighed so much. 😕

And this is the weight AFTER having a regular Iced Milo, Sausage McMuffin and hashbrown. Usually I would go to my checkups on an empty stomach because it’s early in the morning and I don’t really get much of an appetite til evening. But today, I had been up since 5am writhing around in pain, so I worked up an appetite.

And despite eating an entire Extra Value Meal, I only weigh a measly 73.6kg. For the one time in my life that I actually don’t mind putting on weight, I am putting on NONE.

Once again, doc is not concerned because she actually doesn’t want me to put on too much weight. I am already slightly overweight as it is, and with the 20kg weight gain I had with Joshua, she wants my weight to stay within limits to avoid any complications.

At the rate I’m going, I may just become slim-ish after birth. 😯 (And I guess if I didn’t have any weight “issues”, I wouldn’t even have this “pregnancy weight” section lor.)

Baby’s Progress

In gist: growing good and growing fine!

Doc has a new high-tech ultrasound machine, and she was experimenting it on us. We listened to Keegan’s very strong and fast heartbeat, checked his genitals again, saw his beautiful skull and backbone, four heart chambers, and even checked out his chubby thighs!!

If my pregnancy amnesia serves me right, Keegan now weighs 260 grams and is weighing slightly heavier than norm. How can he not when his tummy and thighs are so rotound?!

General Maternal Health

The blood tests we did last round came back fine. Except that I need to get a Hep B booster after I deliver.

I’ve been given antacids (Veragel) – and man do they taste gross – for the excessive gas I’ve been burping out. Doc says not eating often enough also contributes to gassiness. I’ve been advised to take small frequent meals, and I can only say I’ll try lah, ok? Really no appetite 90% of the time.

So meanwhile, I have to scout for a maternity support belt (hopefully one that’s not too ugly or uncomfortable) and next weekend we’ll be going for our Fetal Anomaly Scan at Thomson Medical Centre.

Then after that… it’s off to Batam we go! *happy dance*


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