Sourcing for the next tatt!

The Tattoo Convention will be back in early January 2010, and I’m starting to think about the next tatt I want to get.

I have no idea where I would want it, or what design I even want. But there are a few things I do know:

  • I will NOT tattoo my upper arms. Too garang, and cannot act cute next time liao.
  • I will NOT tattoo my thighs. Sibei chao ah lian.
  • I will NOT do a full back piece because a) no one can see, b) too much time, c) too much money.
  • I will NOT do portraits because even though I can appreciate them, I don’t want them on me.
  • I will NOT tattoo cartoon characters. EEKS!

So basically I still have no idea what kind of designs I want, and am just exploring designs.

I’m contemplating either on the small of my back, or slightly more towards the left. Or my forearm, although that would be a biatch to try and cover up when I’m old and wrinkly. OK, scratch the forearm idea.

Hubs says lower back is good. I shall source for designs. :mrgreen:


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