Pregnancy Cravings

It’s not that my appetite is so tremendously lousy that there is nothing that I want to eat at all. It’s just that I have had to ignore and neglect any food cravings that come up.

From the beginning of this pregnancy at 5 weeks, until today’s 19 weeks, I can count – on one single hand – the number of times my cravings were satisfied .

That includes the dinner of chicken macaroni at Balmoral Plaza for V-day, and excludes that piece of sirloin he had bought from Cold Storage when I told him I wanted steak – it just wasn’t juicy enough.

And while it would have been common to have an indulgent dinner for birthdays or anniversaries, having received the Wii for my birthday just gives me a sense of guilt if I was to have an expensive meal.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t still feel like having a carpetbag steak, or juicy escargots in garlic butter. I just… can’t bring myself to pay for indulgence.

*sigh* The story of my life…


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