I’d blame it on the coming baby, but honestly, I really have no idea.

I’ve gone into a domesticated phase – something I am not well-known for – by cleaning overzealously last Wednesday (and possibly causing the ligament strain/pelvic pain) and today I made dinner of risotto and oven-baked salmon.

Oh, and I also made jelly with Joshua’s help. He stirred the mixture before I pour it into little glasses to chill and harden.

Something is dreadfully odd here!

But I have to constantly remind myself not to strain myself again, because the cramping I had that day was not funny.

Other than that, I am strangely also not feeling any urge to shop. I haven’t visited online stores for weeks now, and I don’t feel anything missing.

In fact, I’ve been constantly reminding Hubs to not let me buy any clothes (unless absolutely necessary, say nursing bras after Keegan arrives) because I had such a headache trying to get rid of my clothes through flea marts and “donations”.

I didn’t want to store them away, because my wardrobe is close to bursting already. And honestly, I have no idea how long it’ll take me to lose the baby weight this time around. I just kept some of my favourite pieces and some more “roomy” pieces that can possibly fit me shortly post-birth, and pretty much gave away or sold the rest.

Now I have just enough hangers and hanging space for my slightly excessive maternity wear collection. So yes, no more clothes for this woman here. She’s got waaaaaaaay enough for now. 😆

We can probably start the mindless restocking of my wardrobe after I get back to a decent size – and shape – again. Hopefully that won’t take too long with the multi-tasking of 2 kids…


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