So I have to buy it lah.

After resting around since my last checkup, I had wanted to scrap the idea of buying a maternity belt. The pain had left me, and as long as I did not overexert myself, I was somewhat confident I would start hurting again.

I guess I was wrong.

A short trip out on Sunday saw me needing to sit down and rest because the pain was slowly creeping back. And a short one hour trip to Mustafa to stock up on food saw me waddling on the way home because the pelvis starting acting up again.

And I wasn’t even carrying anything at all. Except my mobile phone and EZ-link card in my pockets.

I think this time “no horse run” already. Die die must buy some maternity support thingy liao. Dammit.

But I’m not going to buy those ugly and uncomfy looking maternity belts. I’m going to get this instead. At least I don’t have to worry about the belt shifting around during wear, or fumble with buckles, velcro or straps.


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