In a day of the jobless.

Strangely, before I had started the work that occupied almost all my time for three consecutive weeks, I had no inkling that I actually had that much time on my hands.

I had never felt busy, but neither had I felt “free”.

But after settling in nicely with Joshua in the day, and working until the wee hours of the night, I found myself struggling to occupy myself with something last week.

Suddenly it’s like I had too much time on my hands and I had nothing to do.

Thus the overzealous cleaning that prompted pelvic and ligament pain. And 2 hours spent making risotto, oven-baked salmon and lime jelly for Monday’s dinner. And today, I am looking for something to do again.

Somehow, idling my spare time away online just isn’t peachy anymore. I want… more. So thus I started gaming again on Hubs’ Windows, the DS and the Wii.

God knows why, but I was actually starting to enjoy clearing up a pile of work slowly – knowing I’ll get paid for it eventually – and planning my time nicely to fit everything in.

The only part I didn’t enjoy was not being able to spend family time with Hubs and Josh over the weekend.

I think I may secretly be a workaholic. πŸ˜†


One thought on “In a day of the jobless.

  1. you could make cheese! if you like cheese. hmm. strange suggestion, i know.

    shell says: Yes… Very strange indeed… How does one make cheese at home?!

    *googles it*

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