Sometimes I am lost for words.

The morning saw Joshua’s room strewn with pieces of wet wipes and his three plastic boxes of toys all dragged out from under his bed and opened up for play.

Hubs scolded the boy while changing his diaper, while I was somewhat secretly hopping mad while doing my morning pee.

After Hubs had gone to work, I went to the boy’s room to “release” him. I angrily told him he shouldn’t play with wet wipes, and that if he needed to clean something (which he does sometimes) he should just use one piece and not an entire bloody PILE of it.

Then I told him: “Come here!

I think he knew I was going to smack his hands, and quickly picked up the toys lying on the floor and put them into the correct respective boxes – one for MegaBloks, one for wooden blocks and one for miscellaneous toys like teethers, rattlers and toy cars.

Usually he would keep his toys by throwing toys into whichever box was emptier and just call it a day.

After he was done, I told him again to “come here”.

He put his hands behind his back and gingerly walked towards me. Then I smacked both his hands.

Pouting sadly, he then picked up one stray piece of wet wipe that Hubs probably missed out, and he put it into the bin after cleaning his hands with it.


He then turned off his fan, and put his dirty milk bottle into the kitchen sink – things I usually have to remind him to do.

After his morning snack of biscuits, he put the foil wrapper into the bin on his own accord.

He opened the fridge to get “air-con” (because I had forgotten to latch the child-lock), and all I had to do was go “Ooi!” for him to close the door instead of the usual “Please please close the fridge door, PLEASE.”

And he went about the next hour quietly minding his own business.

I think today will find him very well-behaved. Since I hardly smack him, and when I do, he usually knows better than to make me mad again. But tomorrow, ahhh… that’s a different game altogether. 😆


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