At the expense of my comfort.

Keegan is a real active bub – kicking, squirming, swimming, fluttering almost all day long – and he’s so damn strong that at 20 weeks, his movements are so pronounced that PapaNash can feel them through my thick layer of tummy flab already!

So last night, father and son played “catching” at the expense of my comfort.

This is how the game goes:

  • Papa places hand over my lower tummy
  • Keegan kicks, squirms or whatever acrobatic stunt he is doing inside
  • Papa responses with taps, pokes or drumming on my tummy
  • Keegan responses at the exact same spot Papa was at
  • Papa picks a different spot to tap, poke or drum
  • Repeat above steps until Mama screams from discomfort

Damn fun hor? And I suspect Joshua will be joining in the fun in a few weeks’ time when the movemeents are even more pronounced.

But despite the slight discomfort, it is quite fun to be harassed from both inside and outside my body. It’s something a woman will experience only during pregnancy, and men will never get to go through.

I know this is something I will miss once Keegan is out of my womb, but hey, I think… maybe can have Baby #3 a few years later? 😆

Damn maternal instincts!


3 thoughts on “At the expense of my comfort.

  1. It IS cute, right?? I miss those days when my little girl played “Tap Mummy’s Tummy” with her daddy… I miss being pregnant, too! Damn these instincts! LOL!

    shell says: Ok, so how many you think we’d end up with? 😆

    • I’m not sure about you, but my gut says, “Go for it while you can!” So that probably means I’ll be having lots, I hope. Hahaha! Btw, if you think you can afford it, why stop at two? Heh heh…

      shell says: Erm… stop at two because we have limited resources to go around? (And limited patience as well, obviously.) 😆

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