Fetal Anomaly Scan @ 20wks

So today we went to Thomson Medical Centre for Keegan’s Fetal Anomaly Scan. I had very promptly woken up at 7am in preparation for the 8.30am appointment. We stepped into the Fetal Assessment Unit at 8.25am, only to be told by the counter staff that my appointment was at 9.30 and not 8.30am. And my appointment date and time had actually been written clearly on the appointment notice. đŸ˜•

Basically I have attained the highest form of pregnancy blurness — The ULTIMATEZ Pregnancy Stupidity.

Needless to say, I felt damn ultra stupid for waking myself (and Hubs) up mighty early and still feeling smug for being on time.

To idle away the one extra hour, we walked to the Starbucks at United Square and had breakfast and Green Tea Frappe (slurps). Then we took a bus 3 stops down back to Thomson Medical Centre because I’m not supposed to walk too much. Also, I didn’t wear my maternity support band because it would get in the way of the sonographer’s job.

My tummy got gelled up good and a very active Keegan got scanned. Everything seems fine, but I’ll bug my gynae during the next checkup for more specific details.

And yes, once again, triple confirm that he is a boy.  (Somehow I have these concerns of the baby being born and is actually the opposite gender.) Keegan is already looking mighty cute in the womb now!! Can’t wait to see him!! :mrgreen:


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