Potty Training: We’re still not there yet.

While lying tummy down on the living room floor flipping through his picture books, Joshua suddenly jumped up and ran to the kitchen.

He hurriedly picked up his potty, ran to the kitchen sink, propped it up against the wall and peed.

Yes. Again.

While it signifies that he can hold and release his urine at will, it also means we have some way to go before successful proper potty training.

He is currently still unable to pee under our command, even though he is able to tell us that he needs to pee now. He is also unwilling to use the adult toilet, or to pee in the shower so I can rinse him (and the floor) clean. He also refuses to pee sitting down on his potty.

*sigh* This is going to be harder than I thought.

But I still feel that he will start peeing in the correct place once he is ready to “upgrade”. Meanwhile, I will continue to clean up the mess after him.


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