Suddenly 3D2N seems short & long at the same time.

As I was doing my usual pre-holiday research – maps, shopping, transport, eating and the other 101 various aspects of holiday-making – I suddenly realised that I will be unable to do all the things that I would actually want.

  • Water sports are out because I am preggo.
  • River cruises might prove to be a pukey+giddy affair.
  • Hiking or nature walks are a direct defiance against the doc’s orders.
  • Nightlife is like a giant humongous NO-NO with all the jostling and alcohol.
  • Shopping seems somewhat pointless with the rounded state that I am in.
  • I can’t find any spas providing antenatal services.
  • None of us are vaguely interested in gorging on seafood.

So basically other than going there to eat A&W, I have no idea what else is suitable for my bloated troublesome self. And to be honest, my lazy preggo body don’t really want to do much except to nua around the villa and smell the seabreeze. And maybe attempt sex on/by the beach with our “beachball” between us.

Argh, fuck it. If I can still fit in my bikini, I’ll just go float my fat ass in the pool all day and night until I wrinkle up like an old dried prune. Oh wait. Am I still allowed to do that?

I am thinking a few years after popping out the kids, Hubs and I should go to Batam again for unbridled shopping, water sports, nature activities and nightlife. Sounds like a lot to do, doesn’t it? Yeah, my point exactly.

Suddenly 3D2N is like too short to achieve everything, yet too long because I am not actually permitted to do much.


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