Support for the growing bump.

So we all know I’m a vainpot, and I simply refuse to buy – let alone wear – the typical beige ugly maternity support belt. After trawling the Internet for over a week, I finally found the perfect maternity support garment that doesn’t require me to ship it from overseas: the Carriwell Maternity Support Band.

I chanced upon it at MyLittleAngels Maternity while browsing through almost all the local online maternity stores. I quickly arranged for a fitting appointment at the business owner’s home, bought a black piece in M size, and my bump has been well-supported since 2nd April. :mrgreen:

This garment not only does not roll up/down, it stretches comfortably to provide ample support for my growing belly. The material is not too warm (not to me anyway) despite being under my clothes for over 10 hours a day without air-con. It was a steal at S$24.90, compared to those typical maternity belts that cost at least S$50!

A few mothers I’ve been chatting with at the SingaporeMotherhood forum have also purchased it after I shared with them how my ligament strains and backache eased up almost immediately after wearing it.

It is now an essential part of my maternity wardrobe as my lower abdomen and back start to ache after going a few hours without it. Literally can’t live without it.

One note of caution though: You have to buy the right size for it to work its wonders. Too small and you’ll feel constricted, too large and it won’t be able to provide any support because it’ll move around and slip off.

Despite what the business owner told me, I still believe you should purchase the size for your hips measurement, and not your belly measurement. Afterall, the entire garment is stretchable and will work well to hug your belly properly as it grows through the months.

I believe if I had taken the L size like she had suggested, I would not be recommending this product to anyone because it would have sucked big time. I had tried the L size on top of my clothes and it didn’t feel snug at all. If it’s not snug, how do you expect it to hold up your belly?

Think of it like a matter of a well-fitting bra: A bra that is too large would not be able to support your breasts properly and prevent it from sagging. And as a maternity support garment is supposed to “push up” your belly, you would want the right fit that is not too big nor too small. If you expect yourself to grow larger in all ways, then purchase a larger size later into pregnancy to ensure the right fit.

With all that said and done, if you’re in serious need of some comfortable and affordable maternity support, the Carriwell Maternity Support Band in your appropriate size is the way to go!


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