Rubber heels.

Unwilling to continue trudging through the next 20 weeks of pregnancy in Havaianas flip-flops or my Birkenstock-ish Neckerman sandals, I finally took the plunge and purchased my first pair of rubber shoes: Crocs.

Having pretty much lived in flat shoes for the past 15 weeks of my pregnancy, I am damn sick of pik-piaking everywhere lor. Hubs suggested slip-proof Crocs wedges or heels for maximum comfort and safety, so we went to Plaza Singapura on Sunday and – with Uncle Henrie’s fashionable input – picked out this pair:

Crocs Cyprus in Silver/Lavender

The silver is versatile enough to go with all my maternity clothes, and it looked fabulous with my bootcut GAP maternity jeans when I tried it on at the store. And at S$58.50, it’s less than half the price of ALDO or Nine West heels. Granted, it’s not as sexy as a pair of 3″ strappy leather heels, but pregnant folks don’t have much options ok.

I’m sorry I can’t be your typical mom who lives in flat shoes and can’t be happier with the lack of fuss. I love my heels and I would continue wearing my knee-high leather boots with 3.5″ heels if my tummy wasn’t in the way of me pulling up them on.

It’s virtually impossible (to me anyway) to dress up nicely and complete your outfit with a pair of flat shoes. Women should wear heels. And women who can’t walk in heels should be sent to some bootcamp where they learn how to walk confidently like a proper woman.

Very gender stereotypical, I know, but heels instantly make you look slimmer and taller as well as improving your posture! What’s not to like?!

So, spot me strutting about town in my rubber shoes some time soon – wearing my maternity support band underneath it all, of course. :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “Rubber heels.

  1. I didn’t believe in all the hype at first but one day, my dog ran out of the house and in a hurry to run after it, I slipped into my sister-in-law’s Crocs.

    It was like running on a cloud, so comfortable! Crocs shoes are a worthwhile purchase, I think you made the right decision.

    If you like heels, you can always try medium-high heels like kitten heels.

    shell says: Hubs would prefer I wear chunky heels or wedges instead of stiletto-ish kitten heels that are not as stable. And I have to somewhat agree. I would hate falling down in public thanks to pregnancy clumsiness! 😆

  2. I love your attitude! There is no reason to give up sexy clothes and heels while you are pregnant. You made a great choice with the silver crocs.

    shell says: Thank you! Being pregnant is a GREAT excuse to buy new clothes/shoes and dress up! There’s no reason to look crappy even though we may feel crappy. Look good, feel good!

  3. wa, nice wedges. =) I also bought Crocs for myself for the first time, I got the suede Mary Jane instead. Very comfy and I wear them to work everyday now.

    shell says: I wanted to get a pair of leopard print mary-jane flats too, but my hubs said, “Don’t push it arh.” 😆 I think he means “don’t buy so much stuff”.

  4. I like Crocs, the Mary Janes kind. I have a purple pair and is aiming for a red pair soon.

    Needs time to break in though, the cutting a bit narrower.

    But it works great for aching heels!

    That said, some of the clunky male designs are hideoussss.

    shell says: Yessssssssss the caymans are hideous. Only acceptable when worn by kids.

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