Taking my meals like medicine.

Because I had barely any appetite on most days, I’ve unwittingly skipped meals and caused myself some unnecessary problems – dizziness, borderline white-outs, lethargy and dull moods.

So Hubs has stamped his foot down and made me promise to eat regularly, regardless of whether I feel like it or not. A cereal bar, a bowl of yoghurt, or whatever I don’t mind ingesting – as long as I eat at regular intervals.

I would love to have a voracious appetite and be able to enjoy stuffing myself with yummy foods, but… I just don’t feel like it leh.

While I would like my appetite engine to kickstart, the gynae never fails to remind me during each checkup that I have enough stored fats to feed a family of three, so I really don’t need to stuff myself with food in order to let Keegan grow big and strong.

Well, but I actually want to eat lor. 😦

We’re already halfway through this pregnancy, and I’m really starting to wonder if my appetite will improve at all.


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