Joshua’s Favourite Foods

Having turned exactly 22 months old on Monday – the 6th of April – I’ve decided to list down Joshua’s various favourite nom-noms just to see how his preferences change over the years.

Favourite Cuisine – Japanese

  • cha soba
  • salmon sashimi
  • maki – crabstick (kani) / salmon / egg (tamago)
  • salmon roe (ikura)
  • chawanmushi

Favourite Fastfood joint – Popeye’s

  • fish fillets
  • spiced fries
  • mashed potatoes
  • “biscuits” with strawberry jam

Favourite Angmoh Dishes

  • tomato-based pastas
  • creamy soups – pumpkin / mixed vegetables / chicken
  • oven-baked rice
  • fish & chips

Favourite Chinese Dishes

  • chicken rice, without the chicken 😆
  • Teochew fish porridge (aka “heer muey”)
  • steamed egg
  • double-boiled soups
  • stir-fried Kailan
  • plain white rice softened with soup (muey-style)

Favourite Fruits

  • apples
  • strawberries

Favourite Desserts

Favourite Snacks

  • Farley’s teething rusks
  • 小馒头 type biscuits
  • bread with Skippy’s peanut butter and chocolate
  • cereal bars with chocolate
  • Japanese titbits – seaweed crackers, etc

Favourite Drinks

  • Plain water
  • Iced Milo
  • Peach Ice Blended with pearls (bubble tea style)
  • Peach Italian Soda
  • Pokka Green Tea

Utterly hates:

  • smelly beancurd
  • durian
  • watermelon

He will chew it for damn long, and never swallow it. Other than that, he eats almost anything and everything. :mrgreen:


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