Carpetbag steak @ Jack’s Place

I am glad to announce that my tummy – and possibly Keegan’s as well – is very very happy after having the carpetbag steak offered on the April promotional menu at Jack’s Place.

I had the carpetbag steak.

[Disclaimer: This is a relatively photo-free post because I am not your typical food blogger. Plus, I was hungry for the first time in a long while, so please understand. By the time the steak arrived, I was drooling so much I couldn’t be arsed to take pics!]

For $26 (before tax), my main course of carpetbag steak came with a soup of the day, dessert and choice of coffee or tea. I topped up $2 and “upgraded” the soup to their famous Lobster Bisque.

Lobster bisque

I’ve never had a high regard for their steaks because the hot plates they are served on tends to turn my medium steak into a well-done one instead. Often, the surface of the steak also gets charred and dry after sitting on the hot plate for a while.

However, this carpetbag steak I had at their Marina Square outlet was one of the most succulent I’ve tasted in a while! While the oyster was somewhat small in size, there was no fishy taste or smell that often accompanies a badly done carpetbag steak.

Served with a lump of garlic butter, the oyster and steak combined their individual juiciness to create a wonderful explosion of fresh flavours in your mouth with each bite. The garlic butter added a nice subtle zing to the whole dish and also works to remove any possible raw or fishy taste – not that I had tasted any even without smearing my piece of meat in it.

Basically this course combines all my favourite foods into one: steak, oyster, garlic butter, baked potato, sour cream and bacon bits. That’s why carpetbag steak has always ranked high with me, seeing how I can kill multiple cravings with one dish.

If the carpetbag steak at The Ship is to be rated at 6 out of 10, this one from Jack’s Place will definitely take at least a 9.5!

We were given impeccable service by the waiting staff as well. Friendly and attentive, it was easy to get their attention to take orders, top-up the sour cream on my baked potato and to ask for our dessert and coffee to be served. A staff even came up to ask if my steak was done to my preference after I started on it.

This has to be one of the most enjoyable restaurant meals I’ve had in a long long while. Highly recommended!

Quality of food: 9
Value for money: 8
Service: 9
Ambience: 7


One thought on “Carpetbag steak @ Jack’s Place

  1. Will try Carpetbag steak when I’m there.

    For the past 2 years I’ve been eating only Asian butter steak… I just love cutting the steak into pieces and watching the coriander butter melt all over them.

    shell says: Eeks, I hate coriander!

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