Joshua, the big brother.

I’ve been asked many times over if Joshua is jealous of the coming baby, and if he is acting out of sorts. My answer is short and simple: No.

If anything, he is as excited as we are, and is already offering to give his old Crocs, infant toys and baby clothes to his brother. I had asked him if Didi could sleep in his bed, he nodded with a smile; reassuring me what a great older brother he would be.

When I was doing major cleaning a couple of weeks back, Joshua actually helped me put his old toys back into their boxes and packed them all into a larger box to be put away until Keegan is here. I told him that we will give these toys to Didi, and he had no qualms about it at all. Afterall, he is now a big boy and these toys no longer interest him.

Joshua had never been the stingy sort, nor is he the jealous type. He is always full of love and generosity to everyone around him. He would share his snacks and his toys with anyone who was keen. And he would often do it with a genuine smile.

Often, PapaNash and I will hug and kiss each other and get Joshua’s attention to see if he would be jealous, but he just grins at us as if saying “I know you will always love me.”

And because of all these, I have no fear that he will morph into a green-eyed monster when his little brother arrives. Joshua knows he is special and can never ever be replaced – and with this confidence comes an amazing ability to emotionally give and share without holding back.

Right now, he is already being a great sibling by being careful with my growing tummy because he knows Didi is inside. He would ask me regularly when will “Baby come?”, to which I will tell him “Not yet”.

He takes extra care of me and knows not to aggravate me when I’m not feeling so great. And he exhibits his independence by entertaining himself while I rest on the couch – occasionally turning around to give me a hearty grin and to check that I am alright.

Once or twice that I had fallen asleep on the couch, he would read and play by himself without getting into any trouble at all. Then he would gingerly wake me up by patting my arm softly, or stroking my face.

My boy… he will be a wonderful older brother as he is wonderful as a son. I have no doubt about that.


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