We didn’t really want to come back.

It’s not as if we were away in Batam for that long, but suddenly we aren’t really used to being back to our “usual lives”.

Hubs asked me if I feel weird being back home, and the truth is YES. And for once, he feels the same way I do.

Usually – being the pragmatic person he is – he has no problems coming back to reality and resuming his required duties as an employee, father, husband and son. But this time round, he actually said: “We should have just thrown away our passports and stayed there forever. Why did we come back?!”

It’s kinda amusing hearing it come from him. πŸ˜†

I guess we both miss chilling out on the balcony when Joshua is in bed; enjoying the wind in our hair and each other’s company.

Batam View Beach Resort

There’s also the long pre-bedtime baths – yes, the bath is large enough to hold both of us and Joshua at the same time – where we just soak in the relaxing warm water and talk.

Batam View Beach Resort

It doesn’t hurt that we can actually open the window and have the gentle salty breeze and waves surround us as we make like mandarin ducks. ιΈ³ιΈ―ζˆζ°΄ε˜›οΌ

It’s more than just shiok. It’s like a different life altogether.

The next time we need a break, we know exactly where we all want to go. But seriously, wouldn’t you like to wake up to this everyday?

Batam View Beach Resort


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