My jeans are falling!

The downside of not putting on weight during your pregnancy, is that you buy these maternity clothes that is able to grow with you and all you do is shrink.

My marvelously gorgeous pair of GAP maternity bootcut jeans in size 12 – bought online at a steal of approximately S$80 – is now sliding down my reduced booty with each step I take. And now I will have to use my Bella Band to hold them up so I don’t look like an idiot who is constantly pulling up her pants.

And my pair of white maternity cargo pants from Old Navy? Even more jialat! I had bought it in L size because my usual M size was an exact fit when I tried it on during my first trimester. I expected myself to grow larger, but obviously am still not.

So in a bid to find better fitting bottoms, Hubs brought me to my favourite Maternity Exchange to scour for something before we went to Batam.

After getting two pairs of bottoms and wearing them out, I realise I’m in quite a bloody fix. I am in between sizes for almost all brands!!

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a stronger need to grow bigger.


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