The Great Temptation of Beautiful Skin

My dearest Honeymeow invited to be her +1 for a product launch, and I must say I was superbly tempted to start swallowing. What am I talking about?

Now you know what I mean. 😆

Strangely, it had never ever occurred to me that by popping these skin supplements, I’d actually get better skin all over my body. Don’t ask me why, but it just never hit me. I guess that’s why I get termed as a bimbo every once in a while. I just keep thinking I’ll have better facial complexion only. Am I stupid, or what?! :mrgreen:

I also met nadnut and sassyjan at the launch as well, and all my three lovely ladies – along with some other female bloggers whom I do not know – got 3 months’ supply of Imedeen! I was unfortunately left out because being a preggo, I’m not supposed to pop anything more than my prenatal vitamins. 😦

The ladies will be sharing their Imedeen experiences, and you can check out the effects Imedeen had on their skin once they complete their 3 months’ supply. I’m waiting to hear their raving reviews as well!

As for me, I’ll have to wait until I pop Keegan out and complete my breastfeeding duties before I can give Imedeen a shot. That makes it like… at least a year from now. 😦

But imagine, I would be able to escape (or at least reduce) the dreadful gravity-induced breast sagging! As a mother who has breastfed her son for 6 months, and am going to breastfeed another son for at least 6 months as well, there is no bigger dirty word than “sag” to me. (“Fat” is another dirty word, along with “flabby”, but I’ve been way too used to them by now to have any reaction.)

I already have a turkey neck that wobbles slightly when I laugh too hard, and it is only a matter of time that all the other parts that aren’t supposed to wobble will join in the party. EEKS!

For the moment, I shall relish in my current minimal wobble state by sharing this pic Honeymeow and I took together:

Pam & IYou can definitely see my fatty neck in this pic.

On the bright side, Hubs has somewhat agreed to let me start on Imedeen once it is safe to do so. Yippee! I can’t wait to go and get my Derma Skin analysis done at the Imedeen Beautique then.

I didn’t manage to get it done just now at the launch because being pregnant means the skin I have now is not my “usual” skin due to hormonal changes. But they have extended the offer for me to go back and get my analysis done once I have given birth. I’m so bloody curious to find out how bad my skin is from years of late nights, heavy smoking and too much alcohol while clubbing. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “The Great Temptation of Beautiful Skin

  1. Someone I know who took Imedeen stopped because her down there started smelling fishy. Dunno true or not.

    shell says: When I do start taking Imedeen, I will make Hubs do smell test for me. 😆

    • Shelly, thanks for this post and we love your smile.

      Effy: I have heard that people yeast infection “fishy, smelly down below” due to hormones altering tablets, like estrogen pills etc, which also gives you the appearance of radiant skin.

      But what IMEDEEN does is to supplement your skin with additional boost with natural-based ingredients – Biomarine complex (fish proteins and polysaccharides), lycopene from tomatoes, soy protein and vitamin C.

      No funny hormone altering substances. 🙂

      shell says: I love my smile too! :mrgreen: Thanks for having me at the launch!

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