Scorching on My Parade

As if it isn’t uncomfortable enough to have a higher basal temperature than non-preggos, and as if the weather isn’t cruelly stuffy enough yet, the damned aircon in the room has to go kaputz.

To be precise, it’s not dead (yet) but something is wrong with it. AGAIN.

We can turn it on, but it just isn’t cold. At all. It just puffs out these pathetic little streams of air that is not even slightly chilled. Seriously, I think my iced water is colder than that. 😡 It doesn’t even feel like we’ve got the aircon on even though it’s already on 18°C in a bid to cool the room more.

I knew we should have dismantled the entire damned system and had it replaced when we bought this place. But we didn’t have that much money to go around back then, and it was in working condition and such a bloody waste to just throw away. But after 3.5 years of living here, it’s screwed up on us sufficiently enough to piss me off. And it has this knack of turning totally uncold each time when I’m pregnant and wanting air conditioned comfort. DAMMIT.

The last round we got a technician in to service it – which I think was around October – he said something about the compressor not working properly and advised us to change the system or at least the compressor.

I’m hoping topping up the coolant gas will make the stupid machine work its chilly magic again. It’s a bad time to replace the aircon because the old folks say it’s unlucky to do any renovation during pregnancy, and I honestly can’t be arsed to deal with the dirt and dust that comes with the drilling and hacking.

I don’t need 18°C to freeze my ass off, I just want a constant 25°C to stay cool enough not to feel overheated and very pissy. The last few mornings saw me wanting to scream at everyfuckingthing because I’ve had such lousy rest due to weird dreams and broken sleep.

It’s uncomfortable enough to have a bump in the way of my sleeping positions, let alone the constant dreaming that leads to unrested sleep, and now I have to contend with a broken air conditioner?! WTF LOR.

Later in church I’m going to tell God I need my stupid aircon to work. And lowering the temperature in sunny scorch-ass Singapore can’t hurt either. I know too many people who are also irritated by the recent weather.


2 thoughts on “Scorching on My Parade

  1. you’ve been going to church? ^.^ Which one? =)

    shell says: Just went for the first time in many, many years lor. PLMC – the one Hubs used to go to.

  2. Yesterday was one of the freaking hottest days I’ve ever seen.

    The first time I’ve ever entered my car parked under the hot sun, and my glasses fogged up.

    I got out of the toilet, and I could feel sweat trickling down my back as I toweled up.

    At 1am, my sis came into my room and told me to come out to the living room. I stood there for a minute and I could feel the heat, as if something was burning within that building.

    You will need the air-con, especially in such times of discomfort (heat + your baby). You badly need the comfort.

    No need to pray for the air-con. Suck thumb, have to change the air-con. Too bad there’s no Air Con Review websites around, so have to go by word of mouth.

    All the best.

    shell says: This is possibly the longest comment you have ever left on my blog. :mrgreen: Fortunately for us, the aircon guys are coming on Monday!!

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