Facebook is finally good for something.

So coincidentally, Angelia‘s aircon compressor broke down early Sunday morning and I happened to see her facebook status about it. As most would know, it’s nearly impossible to get anyone to come check/repair the aircon on Sundays. But she managed to get someone to check on hers!

I quickly called her up to ask for her repairman’s number in hope that I could sleep better soon.

End up the repairman came, but couldn’t fix up our unit on the same day because it required an overhaul. So Monday it was.

Now our aircon is fixed!! Yippee for me and my sweating baby bump! Thanks Angelia! 😀

Oh, and I just have to mention that we found out we were fleeced by our previous aircon technicians because our pipes were all choked up despite being serviced not too long ago. And it wasn’t even cheap. 😕

Those guys had constantly tried to convince us that we needed to change the entire system because of dunno-what problems, whereas these guys recommended by Angelia actually told us our system can possibly last another 4 more years!

And you know where we got our previous aircon technicians from? Darwin Interior. So apparently the contacts affiliated with this interior decoration company are all the same black sheep lah. 😡


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