Things they would never know.

What we have together – through these supposedly pretty short 4.5 years – no one will ever be able to know it all. The injustices we did to each other, the fights, broken furniture, broken hearts, marathon talks about past, present and future.

It’s pretty much like a dramatic 10 year relationship all crammed into our first two years.

We took it fast and, damn, was everything quick. Quick to rise, quick to fall. Super drama stuff.

But like I said before: If I had to go through all that again just to end up here with you, I would do it again. In a heartbeat.

Even if it meant reliving all the fuck-ups in my life before you. All the pain and emotional turmoil. All that shit that no one should ever need to suffer.

I would do it all again just to be right here, right now. With you, and our children.

Would you?


My life, a dark lonely path
until you trod along.
Never will my heart
beat to that same lonely tune again.

You, my light,
my life.
The little flames
of our beautiful children.

Why I love you
I know not.
But best things in life
have no rhyme nor reason.

Deaf ears to naysayers.
You, my love,
and I,
will forever burn as one.


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