Prenatal Checkup: 23 weeks

Pregnancy Weight

I am now 75.3kg. Yippee!

Note: No food consumed prior to checkup, so the weight is truly a 1.7kg gain!

Baby’s Progress

Seemingly getting quite chubby. The bub is weighing in at an estimated 650g!

Based on the fetal anomaly scan results, he’s got long femur length which means long legs! The head circumference is average for his gestational age, which means I should have no problems birthing him as long as he cooperates.

I have to hold the baby in until labour starts on its own accord, because induction is not recommended for moms who have had a prior C-sec. Fingers crossed for a smooth natural delivery around four months from now!

Other Pregnancy Points

Since returning from Batam (13 April), I’ve not worn my maternity support band at all. Because I don’t need to anymore!

The pressure has lifted from my pelvis area and I can hop skip and shimmy without any discomfort. I credit this miracle to prayers, faith and the reading of a very insightful book: “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize.

You can deem it all as hogwash, but it worked almost instantaneously like magic. I’m now able to walk about quite enjoyably and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Now it’s time to work our faith and prayers towards a smooth pain-free 100% natural delivery!


2 thoughts on “Prenatal Checkup: 23 weeks

  1. glad you’re turning to Him! ^.^ You’ll have a smooth delivery my dear. Believe it and speak it forth!

    shell says: You make it sound as if I’ve never believed in Him before. 😆

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