Boy with swollen left cheek.

Joshua woke up a few times on Saturday night – something very rare for him as he’s been a very good sleeper since he was a few months old. When he had woke for the 4th time around 3am, we saw that he had an obviously swollen left cheek.

For the last few days, he had constantly been “telling” me that his left cheek hurt. And sometimes it even spread towards his left temple. I would catch him caressing his own cheek and rubbing his temple in a bid to ease the pain.

I assumed it was teething and when he had nodded when I asked him if it felt like teething.

For him, the common signs of teething included:

  • loss of appetite
  • spitting out of food during meal/snack times
  • slightly raised body temperature
  • frequent requests for cold water/drinks

I hadn’t known it was that painful until he smacked my hand and gave me a grouchy face when I touched his cheek gingerly to feel how bad the swelling was.

The poor boy was finally able to chew solid food by having cold drinks to numb the pain before eating, and was he happy to be able to eat yummy Japanese-Italian pasta and Carl’s Jr Chilli Cheese Fries today!

Prior to that, he has been refusing food and only asking for milk and soups. He would want to eat, but would spit out the food nano-seconds into chewing. I guess it must be really painful when a foodie boy like him doesn’t want to eat. 😦

I think I shall let him have as much cold water as he wants as long as it helps him cope with this tooth growing business.


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