Why the posts get shorter and shorter.

It’s because my 4.5 year old iBook G4 is shitting the hell out of me by constantly lagging. The more I type, the more I notice how slow this bloody machine is getting. If I was spelling “miraculously”, I’d be done typing the whole word and still be seeing the letters pop up slowly one by one somewhere around the letter “c”.

At first I was blamed it on slow internet connectivity. Then on the fact that my laptop hasn’t had enough off-time to rest and reboot. Now after 2 weeks of the damned plastic getting slower and slower, I am ready to tear my hair out and SCREAM.

There is nothing wrong with anything except for the fact that my machine is getting way too old to work like a nimble zippy new computer.

Give me my new iMac pronto before I throw this plastic on the floor and stamp on it heartlessly with all my 75.3kg of weight.

There is no room for sympathy left in me – it’s been taken up by a growing baby, sore expanding tits and a sore back.


One thought on “Why the posts get shorter and shorter.

  1. move everything to an ext hdd and reformat your laptop. it shld be as good as new. then move only the essential stuff back to your laptop. it’s probably just a working memory issue~

    shell says: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, everything in this laptop is quite essential. And without a 2nd computer to use while this one is being reformatted, I really cannot spare much downtime.

    There’s also still the issue of my older network card and other parts. It’s only a matter of time that this one has to go due to outdated technology.

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