Let the merciless throwing begin!

Hubs and I are pretty much hoarders. He keeps movie ticket stubs and the boxes (as well as packaging) for all sorts of stuff that we buy, while I keep nostalgic momentos like cassette tapes and stuff from people no longer in my life.

Put all that together in a small 3-room flat – along with the growing collection of Joshua’s things – and what you get is clutter.

I made the mistake of sorting out the stuff in our storeroom before bedtime, and now my mind is racing with space planning ideas in desperate hope to squeeze out some space while having a new (and neater) way of organising things around here.

Would you believe it that our combined barang-barang has already hit the ceiling of the storeroom and the walk-in wardrobe? That’s half the reason why we decided to convert one whole bedroom into a wardrobe in the first place – because we know we somehow would accumulate enough stuff to require all that storage space.

This is excluding the hand-me-down Tomica toys from my brother, that is still in storage at my dad’s place and awaiting Joshua to grow into. As well as the horde of toys that Joshua received on various occasions and has either not grown into, or has expressed zero interest in.

Now I’m thinking of acquiring a large chest of drawers to put in the wardrobe for Joshua and Keegan’s clothes and bedsheets. In the near future, the boys will share the room and have nothing more than just 2 beds and some boxes of toys in there.

Everyone’s clothes and bedsheets will just be consolidated in the walk-in wardrobe since we all shower in the one-and-only bathroom in the house – conveniently attached to the wardrobe.

What luck we actually still have room to expand in the wardrobe.

But the storeroom…*sigh* that will require some mighty disciplined heartless throwing of stuff to declutter.


2 thoughts on “Let the merciless throwing begin!

  1. I had to give away 5 bin bags full of clothes/shoes a few weeks ago when we moved to our new place. I was very sad at first but then I thought, if i throw away these, I can get some more haha.

    shell says: I did that the moment I got pregnant with Keegan. Not point keeping them cos I also dunno when I will be able to fit into them again.

    But for all those nostalgic momentos, I just can’t bear to throw heartlessly leh. 😦

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