Potty Training: Some progress made!

For the past month, Joshua has been able to pee on command 80% of the time, which greatly reduces the amount of “mishaps” that happen around the house.

However, he can only pee in the bathroom while standing up. It isn’t a big problem though, since we can easily rinse the bathroom floor and wash his groin area once he’s done.


The potty has been relegated to purely being a stepping stool, and attempts to make him pee into the toilet has been futile.

He continues to have a phobia of toiletbowls – screaming his lungs out whenever he’s in a public restroom hears a toilet flushing. It’s actually kind of funny to see the usual courageous boy get all flustered when in the presence of a harmless porcelain toilet. 😆

I only wonder why he has the idea that the toilet would flush him away, although my online research has shown that many toddlers have this unfounded fear of bathtubs and toilets. I guess we just have to reassure him until this phase passes.

Joshua now also requests to go out diaper-less quite often, and as long as he has peed within the last hour, we’ll let him get dressed in just his underwear and nice going-out clothes.


Last Wednesday, we brought him out for dinner at Popeye’s – sans diaper. Everything went well from 7pm til about 9pm, then he started to hop around and point to his penis. Unable to pee in the public toilet due to his fear, I had to put on his diaper for him so he could pee. All in all, we were quite pleased with his progress.

So thus we begin our pull-up pants journey.

We just bought Mamy Poko Pants Value – at a promotional price of $11.90 for 2 packs of 16 XL-size pieces – so that if he goes out again without diapers, we can slip on the pull-up pants for him easily in public instead of scaring him with a trip to the loo.

Let’s see how much progress we can make in a month from now. 🙂


One thought on “Potty Training: Some progress made!

  1. kids have the weirdest fesrs….and my niece is scared of vacuum cleaners & those hand dryers in public restrooms!

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