Pregnancy Updates!

Baby Hiccups

Keegan had his first set of hiccups yesterday.

I didn’t realise it and scolded him for being overactive when we were out having dinner. I had to apologise 5 minutes later when he was still “jumping” every few seconds. Poor boy. πŸ˜†

I also found out it is quite difficult for me to take a dump while he is having hiccups.

Tooth Sensitivity

My teeth feel weird whenever I have cold milk. So far the rest of the cold foods/drinks aren’t affecting me much. Yet.

Numb Bum

I presume it’s due to the shrinking of my ass-meat, so sitting down for extended periods of time is now starting to make my bum numb. And I’m not even including the backache that I get from sitting upright too long.


It’s finally coming back!!

Titty Soreness & Milk Supply

Joshua banged his head into my right breast a few days ago, and a wet patch emerged on my top.

Once again, my breasts have done themselves proud and started making milk much much earlier. Definitely no problems with supply here, but I may have to stock up and start using breastpads much earlier than other moms.

Joshua, on the other hand, is mighty excited at the prospect of sharing his baby brother’s breastmilk supply. Tsk tsk.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Updates!

  1. Hiccups! It’s sooooo cute when they do that! Hehe!
    So when do you want those breast pads?? I’ll be flying off next Monday (11th May) and will only be back approx.two weeks later. How?

    shell says: So maybe we’ll meet in early June? It’s not really proper proper “leaking” yet, so I’d much prefer to go pad-less. :mrgreen:

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