Costing more as you get older.

I remember the days when I used to pooh at the idea of hand cream. Ahhh… Those were the days full of youthful radiance when one could get away without sunblock nor lotions, simply maintaining appearances with just plain soap and water.

But now as I get older, I find stray freckles popping up on my cheeks and shoulders after a day’s exposure to sun. My hands are dry from the constant washing of a million little things around the house. My cuticles fray and peel from the lack of proper care. As for my face, there are now open pores, dark eye circles – you  get the drift.

Growing old is starting to seem like a huge hindrance to looking presentable.

What had formerly been easy as pie now requires more costly lotions and potions. And I finally realised it today when I spent $19.95 on 2 tubes of Sally Hansen hand care – 18 Hour Protective Hand Creme and Manicure In A Minute.

Where my previous Nivea hand cream had cost me around $6 for a tube – and left me shrieking at the price – I’ve now paid $9.975 for each tube from Sally Hansen.

Granted, there was a bit of an “auntie factor” at play, since they would have been $15.50 each if it had not been for a promotion at Watson’s, but it is still more than what I would have paid for hand cream 3 years ago.

I’d hate to admit the irony of it, but as I am getting older and requiring more investment on my looks, I am similarly getting more stingy about how much I have to pay for quality products.

I need to be rescued from this bottomless pit of auntiedom.


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