Massaging away the backache.

Due to the size of my belly – and Keegan’s slight overweight state – I’ve been nursing a sore back for the past few weeks despite being in a constant state of rest and proper posture.

As a last resort, I went and got a massage from this lady who runs a massage place from home.

For only $38, she gave me a 60 minute full body massage in a tranquil candlelight room with soft music playing in the background. I was also served a cup of ginger tea post-massage to soothe the nerves and get rid of “wind”.

While she didn’t have a massage bed that is specially catered for pregnant women, her massage skills were truly relaxing and I slept really well through the night – a first in weeks! My backache was also gone when I woke up the next morning, which was a great relief.

Now I know where to go for an affordable massage when the backache starts acting up again. Shiok! :mrgreen:


One thought on “Massaging away the backache.

  1. Sounds mighty good. =)

    I have a friend who swears by those prenatal massages she got. True enough, during her pregnancy she was always glowing and hardly complained of aches.

    shell says: But I believe you’ll need a good masseuse to really get rid of those aches.

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