More space planning.

I love IKEA, especially when the Tampines outlet closes only at 11pm.

It was wonderful to stroll through an almost empty IKEA, hand in hand with Hubs, without being distracted by Joshua’s various toddler antics. We achieved so much more in half the time compared to if we were to bring the boy along over a weekend.

We got more storage solutions for the living room β€” a black BENNO CD/DVD tower β€” along with some other knick-knacks:

  • a laptop support for me to use the iBook comfortably on the couch
  • a stepping stool for me and Joshua to use safely without fear of falling
  • a red plastic potty (because he is too short to sit on the current one)
  • an easel and a roll of drawing paper for the boy who has been eyeing it for a while now
  • 2 wire baskets to add on to our wardrobe layout

And I still jotted down a whole other horde of little knick-knacks like storage boxes whenever I saw something suitable for our home… πŸ˜†

While there is an increased sense of satisfaction after Hubs assembled the CD tower and I arranged it with discs (by genre no less), I know my Wednesday will be quite screwed. I had survived Tuesday on only 3 hours of sleep, yet I am still here at 6.35am doing space planning for wardrobe storage. I simply cannot rest my mind when there are a million things to plan and do in preparation for Keegan’s arrival.

So I booted up Hubs’ MacBook Pro on Windows, and have been using IKEA’s Home Planner to revamp the layout of our walk-in wardrobe so the little boys can share the space with us. I’m really loving this easy-to-use program, as it removes the need for me to draw the layout by hand. Everything is so neatly arranged virtually, and it pleases me to no end. :mrgreen:

I think I have some sort of an OCD when it comes to domestic planning β€” I just can’t stop until it’s all done, and it has to be done neatly. Make a smart guess why Hubs put me in charge of home renovation and space planning. πŸ˜†


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