And he kicked, rumbled & soothed.

With my mood turning fouler with each day as the home planning remains uncompleted, it is oddly reassuring that Keegan gives me a gentle kick whenever my mood changes for the worse. It’s as if he is telling me: “Hey Mommy, everything’s gonna work out great. I’m not really ready to come out yet, so don’t panic!”

While I used to get irritated by Joshua’s gentle (probably lazy) movements in my womb, Keegan’s boisterious activities have this soothing effect on me. Which I must admit isn’t really what I was expecting to feel.

I had thought I would get similarly irritated with hyperactivity within my body, but I’ve not even gone near that limit yet. I’m loving each and every flutter, kick, punch, cartwheel and whatever else it is that Keegan could be doing inside.

But this I know for sure: I don’t really enjoy having him dance vigorously when I’m lying on my side and trying to get to sleep. He moves so violently that he actually bounces on and off the mattress!


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