4.50am – Fresh from being brainfucked

Progress of Home Revamp

325cm of wardrobe space! This excludes Hubs’ side of 150cm.

At the expense of my callused thumbs and sore knuckles, the wardrobe expansion is finally done! Now we’ll have to wait til I’m about 32 weeks pregnant – I’m 26 weeks along now – to start washing up Joshua’s old clothes in preparation for Keegan to wear them.

Left side is Joshua’s, right side is Keegan’s.

I’m not sure if all of Keegan’s things will fit in eventually, but if one wardrobe can hold all of Joshua’s things, I’m sure the same duplicate system would work for Keegan. I’ve always pride myself with my space-planning skills, and now’s the time to shine. 😆

My bags no longer have to clusterfuck together on one shelf!

Now with all the fixed (and limited) space in the wardrobe, I’m praying I will not go crazy procuring new clothes after I pop the baby out and start slimming down… But it’s always so hard to resist! Especially when Hubs doesn’t ever complain that I have too much stuff. The poor guy even offers me his wardrobe space to store my stuff, which I think is really sweet. 😀


What’s next on the list

We still need to make one more trip to IKEA to buy:

  • this cupboard (in pine) for Joshua to keep his toys in the living room
  • wall shelves for the living room
  • wall storage shelf in the boys’ room for diapers/wipes/changing mat/etc

If we can’t make more floorspace, we’ll just start building up stuff onto the walls. 😆

We showed Joshua the cupboard when we were at IKEA, and he immediately pulled out the boxes to testing-testing. He liked it quite a bit with the brightly colored removable boxes and all, so we’re definitely getting it for him. Maybe he’ll even take it as a birthday present! He’s not known to want toys as presents, preferring practical stuff like food, clothes and toy storage ideas – in that order. :mrgreen:

We also have to look for a new bed for one of the boys – either Joshua gets a new bed, or Keegan gets a new cot. But with their room being in such a weird shape and with the windows really weird too, we’re really in a bit of a brainfuck over this one in terms of the bed placement.

I also want to re-organise the storeroom because with two boys there’ll obviously be more stuff that will be going there.

You know what? I feel like SuperMom. 😆


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