Potty Training: Doing well!


Joshua was able to tell me when he needed to go – by trying to pull down his pants and yelling for me – and went to the shower to pee. TWICE. Only downside is that he needed the shower to be running, possibly for stimulation.

Floor stayed clean the entire day despite being diaper-less for over 6 hours! Boy was rewarded with a glass of iced Milo. :mrgreen:


Two successful attempts again, as prompted by Joshua. Floor stayed clean all day! 😀

One time was when I picked him up for a hug, and he suddenly started grabbing his crotch and kicking his legs. I asked him if he needed to pee, and he nodded his head vigorously. I was so scared he would pee on me, I quickly helped him take off his pants and he ran to the shower and did his thing. Without needing the shower to be on!


Unfortunately peed on the IKEA stepping stool while helping me with the laundry. Possibly due to the stimulating sound of running water as the machine filled up.

He expressed great disappointment in himself by frowning as he looked down and saw his pee on the stool – which made me really glad because it means he knows it is wrong to pee elsewhere. I told him it’s alright, that it takes time to get really good at potty training. He stayed put until I hauled him into the shower to wash up, instead of playing with his pee like before.

However, he did himself proud again by going to pee in the shower in the evening before we headed out to IKEA. Once again, it was without the stimulating aid of a running shower.


I think we’re finally getting somewhere with this potty training business! I’m really proud of him for being able to express his need to pee-pee, and for attempting to take off his pants by himself. 🙂

Although he hasn’t gotten past the part where you’d have to bend your knees to get your pants to the ground, I think he’s doing mighty fine for a 23-month old. And also for the fact that we got here rather painlessly. (I did smack his bum whenever I knew he needed to pee but he refused to go, but generally I think the process was still quite stress free for both of us.)

Now… if only his phobia of flushing toilets would just kaputz, he’ll be able to go diaper-less even when we go out!


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