Tempted by Ink.

The downside of getting Starhub TV – also known as “cable TV” or “SCV” by the older folks – is that we now get to watch Miami Ink.

And as ink-fans, we’d be proclaiming how that tattoo is “so fucking nice” to no one in particular. I think I go “OMFG! Fuuuucking niceeee!” at least 3 times during each episode.

You see, most of the tattoos have depth, and the artists creating them have skill. Skills that I haven’t seen from any of the guys who did my four. The way the shading is done, and the way they can do freehand drawing onto the skin prior to the tattooing process… They’re just not skills that many tattoo artists here are equipped with.

The show has, once again, fuelled this strange desire to get a tattoo on my upper arm. One that would probably be too in-your-face for my liking; that would be out in public opinion each time I wore something sleeveless. Something that might give my mother-in-law a heart attack.

I don’t think I’m blasé enough to pull something like that off. But it doesn’t mean the desire isn’t there. I’m just chicken about the lifetime consequences of committing to something so permanent and difficult to hide. It’s Singapore, with summer all year round, and I don’t think I could survive wearing sleeved tops each time I needed to cover up.

When I had told my dad some weeks ago that I feel like getting inked on my upper arm, he frowned and said: “Don’t lah.”

Hubs said getting a tatt somewhere so obvious would mean that I would never be able to dress up girly and not look totally out of place. That I’ll eventually come to resent the fact that my fashion options can no longer be as versatile as before.

I don’t know. I just recognise that the yearning is great.


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