Watermelon Woman.

As the tummy grows bigger and starts to resemble a watermelon being shoved under my shirt, comes a horde of affiliated symptoms that are not so pleasant:


Other than the common problem of not being able to walk as fast as before, it is also getting increasingly difficult to squat down or bend over. My tummy literally gets in the way by banging onto my knees, which makes for one annoyed baby-in-womb who kicks me in retaliation.

Needless to say, I now get greatly irritated by things lying around on the floor.

Solution: Spreading my legs in “chor lor” fashion when I squat so tummy is nicely wedged between my legs. Very tak glam, but it works. For now.


It’s worse than ever! I misplaced my keys ā€“ presumably somewhere at home ā€“ but I just can’t find it. šŸ˜¦

I also can’t seem to remember simple things like what we need to get at our next grocery run. And even though I try to write them down as and when it hits me, items still get forgotten. šŸ˜•

Solution: This wouldn’t be an issue if Hubs had a decent memory, but he is famed for shitty memory, so no solution available until I give birth and regain my brains. Damn.


A comfortable sleeping position is virtually unknown starting from this pregnancy stage.Even sitting upright gives my back an ache after about 30 minutes. Keegan isn’t helping either with his vigorous dancing and kungfu practising 24/7.

Solution: Hubs bought a hugeass full body pillow that has provided me with fantastic sleep for the last few nights. For $39.90, it’s a steal given how well it works. As for sitting down, I’ve sworn off the work area and been parked on the couch with the laptop support. So far it seems to be working to stave off backaches.


With the baby getting larger and taking over the space that used to hold my stomach, my appetite has (once again) shrunken to that of a midget. Totally no chance I could enjoy a buffet and not leave unsatisfied by the foods I didn’t manage to try.

Now I won’t get to cash in on that promise Hubs made about bringing me to a nice buffet when I’m pregnant and ravenous. CCB! šŸ˜”

Solution: This situation should be settled once the baby pops out. But it also means I have no excuse nor stomach space to pig out. šŸ˜¦


I get tired much easier than before, but I just can never seem to fall sleep. Afternoon naps seem to do good to boost my energy levels, but it just takes so much effort to fall asleep that sometimes I just can’t be bothered.

Solution: A cold shower seems to perk me up significantly enough to last me a few more hours.


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