Damn this feeling.

I realise I’m probably not having enough food intake to replace the output of energy required throughout the day. Let alone care for a cheeky 23 month old boy. I just really have no appetite and – for the life of me – can’t even find any food that even vaguely interests me.

This leads to an extreme state of crankiness because all I want to do is sleep, but there’s always something to be done. Which then either doesn’t get done because I really cannot pull through with it, or I completely crank myself the wrong way cos I just have to do it. Either way it’s not good.

The home revamp isn’t even complete, but I just don’t feel like continuing anymore. I just feel tired. And I can’t – and don’t want to – force myself to eat. 勉强是没有幸福的, 可是不勉强还是没有幸福。Argh, I hate it when this happens.

The common pregnancy humor of how expectant moms are always hungry isn’t even funny anymore. Cos I’m barely hungry. And it sucks because we have another 13 weeks to go until Keegan’s due. I can’t live like this for another 13 weeks! 😦


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