Bimbo through and through.

I’m somewhat ashamed to share this, but I woke up suddenly because I realised – in my half-conscious state while drifting in and out of sleep – that I may have to sell off all my relatively new clothes procured slightly before I got pregnant.


There’s all the clothes from Victoria’s Secret, Mandee and other online stores that I got a size bigger because I had expected myself to blow up into whale proportions during and after pregnancy. 😕

I dunno why, but I have this feeling that I’ll pretty much zap right back to pre-preg size 12 (and possibly even size 10) within a few weeks of giving birth.

Although the thought of replacing all the larger clothes with smaller better-fitting ones is somewhat exciting, it pisses me off that I won’t get enough mileage from them.

Women probably will want to kill me when I sell them off online or at a flea mart and state the reason of sale is because “I got too skinny after I gave birth to wear them”. 😆


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