Prenatal Checkup: 27 weeks

Pregnancy Weight

I had a Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger prior to the checkup and I weighed in at 77.7kg – which means a (possible) 2.5kg gain! πŸ™‚

Baby’s Weight

Estimated at 1033 grams, this bub is getting pretty chubby! (The average weight for a 27-week-old foetus is supposed to be around 875 grams.) Ultrasound also shows chubby arms, thighs and cheeks, which has somewhat reignited the excitement we’re supposed to feel as expectant parents! Wheeee!!


The doc has repeatedly warned me that there is still a chance that I may undergo another C-section because I have a “stubborn cervix”, but I’m banking in my faith on God – as well as sufficient patience to wait out the pregnancy until Keegan is ready to be born. *fingers crossed for natural delivery*

Next week we’ll be officially stepping into the 3rd trimester, which means we have about 12 weeks to go until D-day! *hops hops skips*

You might be surprised, but I can actually still hop and skip pretty damn well. I factor this to my (very) minimal weight gain and the fact that I’m still shrinking more than I’m actually growing. I’m still lost as to whether I should be elated or upset about it, but heck it, Keegan’s coming soon!! πŸ˜€


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