Houston, we have peed.

A recap for the week, since the last update on potty training:

We have had… *jeng jeng jeng* only one accident in the entire week! And it was because Joshua was trying to test how long he can hold back his pee before it “explodes”. πŸ˜†

We expressed our disappointment for him wetting the floor, and he was similarly upset that he didn’t manage to make it to the shower to pee in time. But we had already expected him to need to pee and kept reminding him to go, but he was just plain stubborn – bad genes inherited from both me and daddy. 😳

But the bright side of his experiment is that he can now pee on command 100% of the time, and when he says he doesn’t need to go, he really doesn’t.

We took the risk of bringing him downstairs diaper-less even though it was time to pee – approximately once every 3 hours – but he had insisted there was no pee, so we didn’t want to force him either. He really stayed dry while we were out for about 45 minutes, and peed once we got home.

We are proud parents! :mrgreen:

Once we’ve got this down pat, I’ll start getting him to poop into the potty instead of the diaper. And we’ll have to start working on that loo phobia as well so he can go pee when we’re out.


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