Daddy’s Boy.

For the last few weeks, Joshua has taken an intense preference to his daddy.

During weekends, he would go to his daddy for every single little thing instead of coming to me. He would only ask to be carried by daddy, and only hold his hand instead of mine. It’s almost as if I’m infectious or something. 😕

When it comes to bedtime, I am no longer required to be around to sing songs and tuck him in. Bath-time also becomes daddy’s domain all of a sudden.

PapaNash is now forced to be the greatest do-it-all father in the whole wide world!

Truth be told, this doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, I had lost the ability to roughhouse with the boy since getting pregnant, and I have these on-off mood swings that causes me to get short-tempered with the boy’s 1001 little requests throughout each day.

Any smart kid would naturally deviate towards the other parent who isn’t hormonally cranky. And Joshua… well, he ain’t that stupid. 😆

The bright side of it all is that I can go ahead and be more relaxed – as long as Hubs is at home to tend to the boy – and I no longer have to worry about dealing with two little monkey-boys sticking to me after Keegan is born.

As for Hubs, he’s still getting used to all-important status that Joshua has bestowed upon him. And it does seem like he is somewhat enjoying the experience of being Parent Numero Uno in the boy’s eyes. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Boy.

  1. hmmm… wonder if he is threatened by the pending new arrival?

    what have you guys done to prepare him? these young children can be jelous one!

    shell says: I guess once you’ve met Joshua personally, you’ll learn that he’s not the jealous sort at all. Instead of being more “sticky” than before (like I was told it would be), he’s actually more independent and picking up more self-care skills.

    He’s been sharing the pregnancy journey with us from Day 1, and has been really good support to me – passing me tissues after I throw up, cleaning up his toys, etc. He even helped me pack away his old clothes/toys/shoes so that his brother can have them.

    His only lament now is that the baby is taking too long to get here! 😆

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