How to tell if Hubs is super busy.

  • My SMS inbox is filled with “OK” replies from him, because he’s too busy to pick up calls, so I text him instead and he can only find time to muster back an “OK”.
  • The house phone and my mobile are pretty much silent all day.
  • Joshua and I – with Keegan in tums – brave the scorching weather to meet Hubs for lunch in Chinatown. Just because we miss him so badly.
  • I yawn a lot and am extra tired because I simply cannot sleep without Hubs, so I wait up until wee hours of the night for him to come home.
  • There is very little food in the house because the man is not free to lug groceries home for us.
  • The flat is extra clean because I’m extra bored without him around. Keeping the place neat and tidy also ensures he comes back to a comfortable home with minimal clutter so he can relax.
  • All of us are looking forward to the weekend so we can all spend some time together.

Yeah, we’re all quite crippled without Daddy around. 😦 Even Keegan kicks a lot less.


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